10 Important things you should check out for when choosing a good mentor


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It isn’t everybody we can look up to as a mentor.

Although that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from one another, I don’t think anyone knows everything. That’s the reason we can’t just focus on learning from one person, we rather learn from a different set of people.

When choosing some special category of people, there are some special qualities you should look out for that differentiate them from other people.

Everybody can never be the same in terms of character. Some seem to have a very bad character and we cannot follow or learn from such persons.

When choosing a successful person to learn from, you shouldn’t only focus on people who are very popular because there are still some intelligent persons with good characters who aren’t even close to popularity. Some people probably don’t want to show themselves off or it could just be for some other reason.

The truth is that you can easily connect with the right person if you are someone that is serious and you seem to be social.

You being social doesn’t mean you should be easily influenced but you should rather be able to study and influence people.

When you continue like this, you would connect with the right persons even though it might take time. You might even be surprised who the person might be but that shouldn’t be a burden because your focus is what you want to learn to be successful.

When I mean you shouldn’t only rely on popular persons, I don’t mean you shouldn’t go to them, what I was just trying to say is that there are other people like them who are not far from your location because if you are to follow popular persons, you might not be able to reach them for help and advice, unlike someone who isn’t far from you who you can always reach out to.

Popular mentors became popular because a lot of persons saw value in them or they have seen the great work such persons have done but that doesn’t give justice to choosing the right person to follow.

In this article, I would be explaining some qualities you should look out for when choosing someone to follow their steps in becoming successful.

You can’t do it completely by yourself,you need support and advice from family, friends and other intelligent persons.

1. Their character.

The first thing I would suggest you check out for first is their character, before making a decision of choosing a mentor, you should always ask yourself if such a person has a good or bad character.
You wouldn’t want to make someone with bad characters as a mentor.

There are some that it would be difficult for you to easily detect their true character that is why it is always advisable to be patient when choosing a mentor.

That person whom you think is good might not really be good, they could just be pretending.

Even if you don’t intend on making people with good character your mentor, you can still always learn one or two things from them.

And you need to confirm their character by studying them.

Although it might be difficult to easily detect the characters of popular persons who people also see as mentors because you can’t really predict humans, they tend to always change.

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2. Their achievements.

This shouldn’t completely be the way to judge when choosing a mentor but it’s better to follow these if you intend on finding someone you can follow his or her steps to succeed.

Look out for their past works and achievement, check if they have really influenced the lives of a large percentage of people positively.

For example, motivational speakers tend to become very popular fast because they can easily influence a large number of people positively with their teachings.

Likewise a teacher, they don’t need to start telling people to do testimony before people do it because most persons wouldn’t want to hide it.

It’s better choosing someone who has been giving value to people for a very long time because this set of persons tend to always be experienced and they would be able to tell you the perfect ways to become successful.

3. Do they always have free time.

This is also very important, not every person would always have time so when choosing someone to be your mentor, try to confirm if they would really be having time for you or probably they could fix a specific time for you.

There are some persons who are always busy and may not even have time for you personally. The way such persons could be of help to you is if you check their past lectures or advice which have either been documented in a book or on their social media handles.

It is advisable to choose someone whom you can easily get in contact with whenever you need help or advice that was the reason I mentioned earlier that it doesn’t have to be someone who is very popular.

Although there are some mentors which you have to wait for their seminars and programs to learn from them.

4. Do they really give value to people.

There are some people who call themselves motivational speakers and all they do is copy other person’s quote then they start quoting it for people, giving all the credits to themselves.

It might be difficult to know people in this type of category but you can easily know through their characters, you would know someone who fakes it through the way they interact with people.

And most of these people are already proud, a person who is highly respected by people doesn’t need to brag or show themselves, instead people acknowledge them for whom they are.

A true mentor must surely be able to give value and influence people live positively.

Are they always looking for ways to train people to be like them?

A true mentor would always try to develop people who would be more intelligent than themselves and be able to impact the lives of people positively.
They would be looking for very intelligent youths to take under them and train them to become successful so they can also pass the value to the next generation.
These are people you should specifically lookout to for mentorship, they would always welcome you and would want to influence your life positively.


As I mentioned earlier, on the journey of success, you really need someone to guide you through. It could be anyone, even your close friends.
You can have a lot of persons as a mentor but they should be having a great impact on your life.

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