10 Best Strategies to promote your Start-up Business via Online webinar in Nigeria


Taking advantage of the internet is no longer a new thing to business owners. Every serious-minded business owner is trying to promote their business by all means because everyone is trying to make their business become very popular.

There are different easy methods of promoting your business and among those methods, there is one particular method that works fast which is promoting your business via an online webinar.

If you own a start-up business, I would advise you to promote it via an online webinar because it has proven to be more effective.

Even already established business owners still make good use of webinars.
In this article, I would teach you how you can promote your start-up business via an online webinar.

1. Effective promotion of your webinar.

A very good and effective strategy you can make use of here is by giving a great offer in which they would need to register with their mail and mobile number to claim the offers.
Thus, you would be able to send them mail about the upcoming webinar or you give them a call.

Another way of promoting your webinar is by doing advertisements on different advert networks to tell people about your upcoming webinar.

2. Quality and Effective Communication.

Good communication skills are very important in any business because you need to be able to communicate with your customers easily.

The way you interact with them would determine how much more they would be interested in your business.
If you are not easily interacting with your customers you wouldn’t easily know how much you can satisfy your customers and how you can improve your start-up business.

Good communication skills should be among the qualities your staff must possess for the smooth running of the business.

3. Use the best and the most convenient media platform.

There are a lot of media platforms out there that you can make use of to conduct the online webinar.

It is better you choose the most convenient one that doesn’t have many complicated settings such that your customers would easily be able to use.

The number of customers participating in the online webinar could also have an influence on the media platform you would be using.
If they are few you can make use of zoom, Skype e.t.c, but if they are many you make use of youtube.

4. Choose a very interesting and relevant topic.

It shouldn’t just be a webinar for learning or teaching sake, it should also be fun.
That way, the webinar would be more lively and interesting.

Although it isn’t compulsory to choose a topic relevant to your business, it is however more advisable to use it so you can take advantage of introducing your customers to newer products or services which they might be happy to hear about.

5. Integrate email marketing

Many business owners do this a lot, some have even gone beyond that, they now make real phone calls even though it might cost some money but they are trying to keep their customers informed.

Not everyone would be interested in the webinar and among the interested ones, some might easily forget about it because people are thinking of many things nowadays unless they set a reminder.

Notwithstanding you could integrate email marketing by sending your customers weekly reminders to keep them informed of the upcoming webinar.

6. Engage and interact with your customers

Like I stated earlier, the webinar mustn’t be a boring one because if it is, most of your customers wouldn’t be interested anymore and that would be very bad.

During the webinar, you can just come up with funny jokes or comedy to keep them entertained, which would make them more interested in the webinar.

If they ask you questions even at the wrong time, do not hesitate to answer them.

7. Invite popular and reputable guests.

This itself could attract people to participate in the online webinar.
For example, if people see that very popular and successful guests would be participating in the webinar, they also would want to participate.

When inviting guests, try to invite reputable guests who are well known.
They should know how to make a webinar more interesting and lively.

8. Give out free Ebooks.

Before or after the end of the webinar, you can gift your customers free Ebooks for participating in your online webinar.
This would encourage them and make them to be ready for any future webinar.

The ebook shouldn’t just be any type, it should be something with a little or more value that your customers would be grateful for.

9. Give great discounts and bonuses at the end of the webinar.

This is a great opportunity to sell some of your goods, you could give a 20 to 30 percent discount on all your goods or services.
You could also give bonuses to those who attended the webinar to encourage them.

10. Question and Answer session

There should be more time created for this because this is more important, you would be able to know your customer’s thoughts on your business and where your business is lacking, this would enable you to improve whatever products or services you are selling.


An online webinar is very important for every startup business owners because it helps promote and grow the business.

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