Some businesses which are more profitable during September to December period

Some businesses yield more profits towards the end of the year period, especially in December.

Although December may be a celebration month because that’s when Christians celebrate the death of Jesus Christ who died for them.

What I mean by towards the end of the year is the period between September and January of the following year.

There are some profitable businesses which you can start during this period which would yield huge profits.

I don’t mean that the businesses I am about to list and explain aren’t profitable in other months, it is profitable in other months but it is more profitable during the end of the year period.

At the same time, there are few businesses which aren’t more profitable during this period.

I would be highlighting and explaining the business that is profitable within the end of the year period.

Transportation business.

Business owners who own different types of transportation businesses make more profit during the end of the year period because it is during this time that people travel the most.

Many would want to go and purchase goods which they would sell during the celebration period, some would want to visit family and friends to join them in celebrations.

Most transport business owners increase their prices on purpose because they know that people would be needing their services during that period.

People who also want to buy vehicles before the end years would be looking for means to transport their already shipped vehicles to their main location.

If you intend on starting a business during this period, then you can think of starting a transportation business.

Although it would require a lot of capital for such business to run smoothly.

Construction business.

People who are already building a house or a company would try as much as possible to complete their business before the end of the year.

They would want to employ more bricklayers, carpenters, painters e.t.c to work on their uncompleted project to make it fast.

During this period, people whose business falls in this category would try to increase their prices to favor them.
People will love to get new sets of furniture to celebrate Christmas, or even get a painter to give their house another beautiful look.

This kind of business are always more profitable during this period.

If you really want to start those businesses, then you can start learning those skills like carpentry, painting e.t.c.

You could also set up your own construction company where you would have various categories of workers working with you.

Food and poultry business.

Another profitable business to start during the end of the year period is food and poultry business.

Although this business seems to be always profitable during any period of time because it is something which is being consumed on a daily basis.

The business is more profitable during the December period because that’s when people buy in large quantities because they want to celebrate Christmas in a grand way.

People who sells poultry products like chickens and turkeys make more sales because there is always a greater demand for this kind of products during that specific period.

Advertisement and Promotion business.

During this period, different business owners would want to advertise their products or services and they would be giving great discounts on their products or services.

They make use of different advertisement networks to promote their business.

You can start an advertisement business too if you want to make more profits during this period of time because some businesses would be contacting you to promote their business.

Especially if you are a brand influencer, different brands would be contacting you to help them promote their business.

Recreational centres.

During the celebration period, people would want to visit different recreational centers to have fun and enjoy themselves.

If you really intend on doing that type of business, before that period, you would have set up your own recreational centers that would be beautiful and have different recreational equipment.

For example, during Christmas, families, and friends would want to go for picnics, visit different places just to have fun.

Many prefer going to cinemas to watch the latest movies so you can also have your own cinemas, these businesses are more profitable during this period of time.

Selling of fireworks.

There is always a great demand for this kind of product during the Christmas celebration period.

People love buying it especially children who see it as something that could make them happy.

If you want to sell this kind of product, you can wait till a month before December, that’s the perfect time to start selling that kind of product.

Also try to target very busy location where people could easily see your products to buy it.

Although this kind of products sell only during celebration period because that doesn’t give people false alarm or something bad happening instead it tells them that other people are also celebrating Christmas.


Although there are still other businesses that are more profitable during September to December periods. The ones I highlighted and explained above are the major ones.

It’s better you start preparation it you intend on starting those business before the celebration time reaches.

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